CALMIX-TOLL BLENDING bv started in 1998 making dry-mix cement and gypsum based products.Today our blended products are sold around the world under private labels tradename at customers specification.We garantee product quality, consistency and production under the highest safety regulations.

For example a global brand CALUMEX which is associated with special fast setting , high early strength and shrinkage compensated cement is for years produced by us.

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Supplying a variety of customized products and services which include powder blending,labeling and repacking.We handle all powder organic- or in-organic raw materials, like cement, lime stone powder, gypsum, quarz sand, superplasticizers, set retarders or accelerators, air entrainers, de-foamers, cellulose ethers , and blends thereof.

We currently have expanded our operations and now offer a range of complementary services.Our fully automated production lines guarantee duly packed powder products in paper and plastic bags weighing in the range of 10 ~ 25 kg. Palletized in any pattern and height through our palletizing robot.

  • Alternatively we offer packing in big-bags and powder bulk trucks.

  • Warehousing is in close proximity - we handle 20' and 40' containers.

  • At our own on-site Technical Centre we keep close control on production and deliveries. If required we support research and product development

  • Based strategically in the middle of Holland-close to all major motorways,canals and in close proximity of major ports as Rotterdam, Hamburg and Antwerp.

  • CALMIX-TOLL BLENDING products are supplied to over 30 countries worldwide. Over 80% of our customers are overseas.

High quality products for private label packaging
All CALMIX-TOLL BLENDED products are made at our Mijdrecht based plant, a dedicated facility based near Amsterdam,The Netherlands.We have our own ware-housing.

Plant accreditations
All our manufacturing processes are monitored and tightly controlled.Our plant has the following quality and environmental accreditations:

  • Quality:N ISO 9001: 2008

  • Environmental:EN ISO 14001: 1996

  • Animal feed:GMP+ B3 (2007)

“The site has been successfully and repeatedly audited and certified. Safety and environmental protection are key factors in the development of our production processes.”

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